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At Becker's Books we are known for our aggressive book buying policies and are often called in to buy estates. Of all the treasures that can be found the most precious are the hand-written diaries and letters kept within families for years. One such estate was purchased by us several years ago and has created countless hours of amusement and detective work for us. While researching the historical information contained in this estate purchase the idea to begin a Texas Club (which you can read about in more detail by clicking here) along with organizing a publishing house emerged. This would give individuals the chance to permanently record their history or histories of others that they find interesting. Our primary interest is in the 19th century when CDV's or carte de viste photos were the main method of photography and electric lighting was a brand new invention.

We have a very extensive collection of Texana books. Do you have family research you want to preserve or are you a amateur historian? We have the venue for you to accomplish your goal. We have the ability to take your original material and produce the finished product. In this section we ask you to let us know what projects may be on the horizon for you and we ask you to get involved in preserving the past and if you have a story that needs telling.....let us know. Click on the email addresses at the bottom of this page and tell us the following information:

  • Your location
  • Subject that is your primary interest
  • Materials you have to substantiate the history of your subject
  • How you envision this information as a final product
Get in at the creation of this enterprise to be known as Send us your ideas and see how we might partner some really fantastic products.






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